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Албанското културно наследство и изисквания за третиране на неговите ценности, съгласно съвременните стандарти

Вълбона Муча и Елдир Орхани


Currently in Albania, the entire cultural heritage and revitalization process of its values are facing new requirements which need a somewhat different treatment in line with today standards. For this reason, the focus of this study become many issues which are related not only to the change of the concept and of attitudes towards cultural heritage works in general, with awareness increase for the values and their preservation, dedicating more attention and care to a sustainable conservation and restoration, but also to the requirements for a better management or special requirements for promoting its values and others. The goal of this study is to offer its contribution in the formation of a new concept for the treatment method of cultural heritage which aims at giving it a new breath, enlivening the citizens' spiritual life, and increasing the human and financial resources which are so necessary for its development.

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