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The electronic bilingual international journal Postmodernism Problems is an open access journal- a flagship of the Laboratory for Sociological Research and the International academic seminar "Media and Education" at the South-West University "Neofit Rilski", Blagoevgrad - Department of Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy.

It publishes academic research on our modern society, also known as society of knowledge, postmodern society, postinformation society or mediatized society. The ambition of the Journal Editorial Board is to be a permanent analytical focus of significant changes and transformations that accompany all social spheres.

Decisions about publishing in the PMP Journal are based on the recommendations of two independent reviews by reviewers who have high competence in any proposed manuscrpt.

Scholars and practitioners interested in the contemporary problems of society could publish their results in the PMP Journal. They can also publish book reviews, information about academic events and celebrations, and so on.

The PMP Journal also includes M.A. and Ph.D. students' materials.