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THE 24-Hour Television Channel ‘KHABAR 24’ in the Media Space of Kazakhstan: Global Experience

Almagyul Alievna Kurmanbayeva, Shinar Ydrishevna Kaliazhdarova


The channel 'Khabar-24' is the only channel in the media market of Kazakhstan to provide news coverage for 24 hours. It was established on the basis of experience of the informational channels in the global media space. The activities of the channels which broadcast information in the European countries and Russia had totally been studied and analyzed before launching the domestic one. 'Khabar-24' started its work by providing news, and then proceeded in presenting its own products in various genres. The article considers the development and creative search of the channel in scientific terms.

Key words: interface, digitization, format, transformation, content, convergence, rebranding

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