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The First Online Media: a New Configuration of Media Narratives and Journalistic Practices

Stela Аngova


In the 1990s, the media began to redirect their content to the Internet. This is the time of technological experiments with media forms, journalistic expertise, business initiatives, new media consumption patterns. The first media on the Internet tries to simulate the press regarding to the genre and rhythm of the publications. Media brand added explanatory words - electronic (The Electronic Telegraph), networked (The New York Times on the web, BBC networking club), interactive (The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition), online (Mail Online, Palo Alto Online). The experience of ten English and American media is described and analyzed - Palo Alto Online,, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The BBC News, The Philadelphia Inquirer. The retrospection made possible to made conclusions about the transformations of the media environment with reference to media narrative and journalistic practices.

Key words: history; online journalism; online media; transformation; first online media.

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