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Aggression Among Minors and Juvenles - The Disease of Society

Maria Mateeva


This article focuses on analyzing aggression amongst minors, resulting in the escalation of child criminality. The analysis is based on the underlying reasons for aggravating aggression in this generation. In society there are negative changes, expressed in the increase of childhood cruelty. This article shows different characteristics of deviant behavior in children as a sort of social phenomenon, examining its manifestations in the school environment. School-age children may be a risky group for society because violent children usually grow up in families where destructive aggression is the basis of family-friendly relationships. High social requirements and day-to-day dynamics exacerbate intergenerational relations and cause aggression, and hence crime, among young people.

Key words: adaptation; socialization; aggression; Criminal Code; SBS-social-pedagogic boarding schools; CBS-boarding schools; child criminality.


About the Author:

Maria Mateeva is a PhD student at the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy, South-West University "Neofit Rilski".

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