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Feminist Theories

Ivan Evtimov


Feminist sociology is centered around the woman in three ways. Firstly, the main subject of the survey is the situation or situations related to the experience of women in society. Secondly, she treats women as the central subject of the research process, that is, she strives to see the world through the woman's different view, the woman's vantage point in the world. Third, feminist theory is critical and active, seeking to create a better world for women, and hence for the whole of mankind. Feminist theories differ from other sociological theories in many ways. First, they are the work of an international community that includes not only sociologists but scientists from other disciplines such as anthropology, biology, economics, history, law, literature, philosophy, political science, psychology, and theology. This includes political activists of the women's movement, writers and other creative personalities from both Europe and the United States and from the Third World. Many sociologists are suspicious of feminist theories, finding them to be too radical and related to political activism.

Key words: feminism; feminism theories; sociology of feminism.


About the Author:

Ivan Evtimov is Associate Professor, New Bulgarian University.

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