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The Roma Community in Albania. The Assimilationist Tendencies during Communism and the recent situation

Elisabeta Osmanaj


Roma community in Albania is thought to be located around the XV century. There is uncertainty on their arrival in the Balkans. Roma community in Albania is treated as second-class citizens with few opportunities of integration. Today the situation of the Roma community still remains poor and has a lot of challenges. The researcher through this study aims to recognize us on Roma community in Albania, the Albanian perception through personalities in different historical periods. For this study are used historical documents, the archive materials whose opinions by scholars as well as comparative analysis of studies on this field. Throwing light on the study of assimilation trends seeks to establish a clear picture of the situation of Roma in the communist system, which misinterpreted at times. Albania's communist system did not deny the right to education, to vote, to work, but did not recognize them as a minority ever. Participation in informal activities was provided supplementary income and privilege compared with other groups but they remained unformed part of society. Only few people from Roma community who have completed higher education levels during communist period are well and their status relative to the Albanian population grew steadily improved.

Key words: Roma community, totalitarian system, assimilation, perception, rights.

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