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Electronic Resources with Remote Access and Problems of Preserving the National Written Memory

Antoaneta Totomanova


The article traces the necessity of adding the electronic documents with remote access to the system of mandatory depositing, thus preserving them in a national electronic archive and making them available for usage. It has been proven that this type of resources is an important part of the national documentary heritage, that its collection and preservation is not within the reach of a separate organization and that it would be reasonable to be realized as a joint, cooperative initiative.

The imposed worldwide perception that the network resources should be registered selectively, with emphasis placed on electronic books and electronic scientific periodicals is justified. The possibility of assigning long-term storage and access to the collected documents to an institution with sustainable financing and accumulated experience in working with documents, their processing and organization for usage is considered in detail. It is logical that the National Library, which has the obligation to store the national printed publications and to register them in the national bibliography depositary, to extend its duties to store also the documents published in Internet.

The paper describes also the project "Electronic Documents with Remote Access - Creation of a National Archive, Registration and Possibility of Usage", which the National Library "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" has developed and in 2014 deposited at the Ministry of Culture.

Key words: electronic documents with remote access; national electronic archive; copy rights for network resources usage.

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