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The Revival of Long Reading: A New Multimodal Narrative Format

Milena Tsvetkova


The goal of this study is to specify nature, the "heart and soul" of a process referred to as a "long reading", to indentify reasons for the interest in the so-called longread narrative formats, unexpectedly going up in times of obviously reverse trends, such as, for example, short and speed reading techniques. The key research findings indicate that longread formats are increasingly more and more popular, as these texts enable readers to keep out of the information pollution. The outcomes and conclusions are focusing on expanding the conceptional fields towards new policies stimulating reading and to more creative methods producing reading effects into the sphere of quality online journalism, education, publishing industries and popularization of science, at large.

Keywords: studies of reading; communication studies; multimodal reading; multimodal writing; longread format; long text; longform essay; longform journalism.

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