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Dense Conflicts Among Young Elbasan High School Students

Nuredin ÇeÇi


Conflicts between adolescents in high schools are not a previously untouched topic, but studies related to this problem seem to be somewhat oblivious. Conflicts, acts of physical violence, and especially verbal violence among high school students of our society, have increased in recent years. Teenagers in these schools have become more aggressive and violent. Adolescent conflict with parents, teachers, and with each other at school has become a phenomenon that poses the typology of today's teenagers.

This study was undertaken for the recognition, treatment and identification of this problem, as well as for determining the ways and means for resolving conflicts between adolescents and teachers in secondary schools, young people and their families. The study showed that conflicts are diverse, specific, and the main sources of conflict in our schools today are many.

Meanwhile, the study enabled us to identify as the main road to overcoming conflicts among adolescents with each other, with teachers and parents compromising, confronting, interceding, and so on.

The study was based on field research and analysis of data obtained from the survey of a sample of 500 high school students in Elbasan, who were randomly assigned.

Those schools were selected from families from rural areas and adolescents with different psycho-cultural backgrounds. The instrument used to obtain information was a questionnaire with open and closed questions.

Key words: conflict situations; teenagers; parents; families; teachers; pupils; school and family settings; western culture; intolerance etc.


About the Author:

Nuredin ÇeÇi - PhD Candidate Department of Social Sciences,"A. XHUVANI " University Elbasan, Albania

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