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Digital Transformation of the Reader - between Tradition and Modernity

Kristina Varbanova-Dencheva


The present study discusses the problems of the changes in attitudes of the modern reader in the context of the changed living conditions in a digital environment which is created to transform human society into a knowledge-based society. The thematic scope of the presented study is limited in three aspects of the changes in the characteristics of the contemporary reader, which are provoked by: the factors for changing the media model and establishing its contemporary parameters; the construction of the "digital citizen" and the inevitable change in the educational models that form his digital literacy; the creation of the new digital reader in the knowledge society.

Key words: digital reader, digital education models, digital transformation of media models


About the Author:

Kristina Varbanova-Dencheva is a Doctor of Science Studies (2001), associate professor of book science, librarianship and bibliography (2004) and professor of theory of scientific information (2009). Since 2005 he has been a lecturer at the University of Library Science and Information Technology; from 2006 to 2014 he is Head of the Department of Books and Society at the Faculty of Librarianship and Cultural Heritage and from 2014 is a Vice Dean of the Faculty.
Email: k.dencheva@unibit.bg

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