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Marxism and Religion: An Essay to Reconstruct the Marxist Approach to Religion

Deniz Yoldaş


After the dissolution of Soviet Union, "the return of religion" was pointed by some academics. Even the Cold War period, the organized religions used its political practical force in world politics. President Carter's adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski's Green Belt Project shaped economically and politically one side of Islam. Soviet official atheism beneficed "Christ Myth Theory" for the war against first Catholicism and second Islam.

Keywords: Marxism; Religion; extremism; Soviet Union; revisionism.


About the Author:

Deniz Yoldaş, Science Po Toulouse, Master 2, CEAP e-mail  denizyoldas@mail.ru.

His main research interests are sustainable development, local branding, Marxist semiotics, immigration/emigration in EU and in the global context; analysis of EU, Turkey, and Russia's contemporary communications.

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