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The Social - the Power Function of Language in the Context of Pierre Bourdieu’s Sociological Ideas

Angel Tsvetkov


The here presented is a typical theoretical development, to which anyone can apply typical examples of everyday life. Things we are accustomed to and take for granted more as an unconscious sense of rules and norms in specific social universes, including the one we work in. We are in a particular position, namely to stop doing what we do everyday and ask ourselves why we really do it. We are engrossed in specific relationships that are rooted in the very social fabric of society. We have to try to get out of everyday routine to answer questions that are really important to us for our self-knowledge. These are questions of the kind of social field we have, what are the roles that have been imputed to us and eventually would be fulfilled, placed in another situation of power positions where knowledge - power and language are mixed to give us a response about what produces the specific social actions of individuals? On these questions, we will try to find possible answers here.

Key words: language; P. Bourdieu; power; knowledge.


About the Author:

Dr. Angel Tsvetkov is а Chief Assistant Professor at Department of Sociology South-West University "Neofit Rilski" from 2001.

His interests are in the field of: Sociology of knowledge, History of sociology, Epistemology, Sociology of religion, media, border studies.

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