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Volume 8, Number 3

Digital Transformation of the Reader - between Tradition and Modernity
    Kristina Varbanova-Dencheva

The Social - the Power Function of Language in the Context of Pierre Bourdieu’s Sociological Ideas
    Angel Tsvetkov

Marxism and Religion: An Essay to Reconstruct the Marxist Approach to Religion
    Deniz Yoldaş

Feminist Theories
    Ivan Evtimov

Transformation in the Javakheti Highlands Georgia – a Community-based Participatory Approach Towards Sustainable Pasture Management in a Remote Mountain Area
    Susanne Elsen & Stefan Zerbe

Dense Conflicts Among Young Elbasan High School Students
    Nuredin ÇeÇi

Overview of European Language Educational Policy, Threshold Level and Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
    Vesna Prodanovska-Poposka and Silvana Neshkovska

Aggression Among Minors and Juvenles - The Disease of Society
    Maria Mateeva

Managing Reputational Crisis. Review
    Plamen Atanasov

Reputational Crisis Online. Review
    Dilyana Keranova