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Impact of Content Suitability and Reading Habits on E-book Consumption

Georgi Alexandrov


The article investigates the impact of content suitability and reading habits on e-books consumption. It presents and interprets statistical data and numerous surveys' outcome related to the trend-setting book markets in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and France. The research focuses on the reading attitudes of the e-book consumers and reveals some of their specific preferences. Based on recent sales statistics, the most successful e-book product categories are identified. Differently from the usual interpretation of the readers' alternative choice between print book and e-book, the study indicates the content related preferences of the e-book readers. The article presents the content suitability for the e-book format as a key success factor on the digital book market.


Key words: book consumption; book publishing; e-books; reading habits; e-book market; readers' preferences.

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