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Volume 7, Number 3

The Man-Simulacrum – the Human Future in Baudrillard’s Perspective
    Gergana Popova

Sport, Nationalism and Propaganda
    Boryana Angelova-Igova

Information and Communication Technology Applications and the Mediatization of Social Inclusion
    Edwin Ferger

The Roma Community in Albania. The Assimilationist Tendencies during Communism and the recent situation
    Elisabeta Osmanaj

The New Media and Social Networks as a factor in the process of Radicalization and Normalization of Hate Crimes
    Lyuba Spasova

The Internet and Sociological Knowledge amongst Students in R. Macedonia
    Duska N. Matevska & Zoran D. Matevski

Internet as a Tool for Cyberactivism and Mobilizing Real Civil Activity
    Marieta Hristova

Always Connected: Digital Skills among Students
    Teodora Hristova

A Look at the Anthropological and Sociological Ideas
    Ivan Evtimov