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Volume 8, Number 2

Introduction: E- reading in Postmodern World
    Miha Kovac, Dobrinka Peicheva, Lilia Raycheva

Reading and Book Existence in the Postmodern Digital World
    Dobrinka Peicheva* and Boguslawa Dobek-Ostrowska; Cengiz Acarturk; Daiva Janaviciene; lena Maceviciute; Gitte Balling; Jiri Travnicek; Johanna Kaakinend; Katrin Tiidenberg; Lefkios Neophytou; Lilia Raycheva; Luminita Frentiu; Marina Kotrla; Miha Kovac; Orsolya Papp-Zipernovszky - contributors **

Reading Attitudes in Choosing between Printed and Electronic Books
    Georgi Alexandrov, Lilia Raycheva

The Spiral of Reading in a Postmodern landscape
    Dilyana Keranova

Impact of Content Suitability and Reading Habits on E-book Consumption
    Georgi Alexandrov

Book VS. Tablet - an Attempt to Reconcile
    Lubomira Parijkova

Electronic Resources with Remote Access and Problems of Preserving the National Written Memory
    Antoaneta Totomanova

The Crisis of Traditional Press Reading - Global and Bulgarian Trends
    Svetla Tsankоva

Neural Bottom-up and Top-down Processes in Learning and Teaching
    Theresa Schilhab

The Revival of Long Reading: A New Multimodal Narrative Format
    Milena Tsvetkova